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Discover effective hacks and strategies to elevate your brand and stand out from the competition. It’s not about doing more; it’s about making the right things work harder for you.

Get ready to get noticed!

This is for you if you are

An established business aiming to maximize your influence on a grand scale.

A small business seeking to increase your reach with a modest budget.

A solo business or freelancer in search of a competitive edge without straining your finances.

Our hybrid approach, combining facilitation, advisory, and your resources, delivers substantial impact without straining your finances.

How it works

This is a hands-on strategy experience that focuses on three core strategic communication pillars: customer, messaging, and brand.

Each pillar includes:

✳︎ 1x 3-hour discovery workshop for in-depth exploration and questions
✳︎ 3x 1-hour bi-weekly check-ins to guide your progress

= 1 workshop + 3 expert hours of guidance

→ Ideal for teams up to 8 people
→ Duration: 4–8 weeks
→ Available in English and German

Choose your focus

Unlock customer depth

Customer depth

Learn how to understand your customers on a profound level, anticipate their needs, and build genuine connections that keep them coming back for more.

→ 1 workshop: Think like your customer and craft key insights
→ 3x check-in: Develop solutions that address customer needs across target groups

Create unified messaging

Unified messaging

Discover the secrets to aligning your company’s vision with your brand’s messaging. With everyone on the same page, your communication is more impactful and fosters loyalty, not just sales.

→ 1 workshop: Using your vision in strategic communication
→ 3x check-in: Review, optimize, and develop strategic focus topics

Go beyond marketing

Beyond marketing

Brand building is collective; every touchpoint matters. Explore strategies that go beyond marketing tactics, focusing on long-term brand building and customer engagement.

→ 1x workshop: Brand communication as a tool
→ 3x check-in: Identify and improve key brand touchpoints

Our impact

Having a strategist on board drives you toward your goals.

+ Get strategic help. Leverage expertise.
+ See the full picture. Understand how things are connected.
+ Use resources wisely. Spend smart.
+ Stay flexible. Adapt easily.
+ Make informed decisions. Get better results.

Strategy is a team sport. Let's play!


think brand play is a strategy experience designed by Désirée Bambynek. We are committed to helping creative businesses, studios, agencies, and independents turn their creativity into a strategic business advantage.

Three principles guide our work:
✳︎ Find what makes your business great.
✳︎ There’s always more than one perspective.
✳︎ Plug-and-play for the best results.

What others say

Désirée created loads of added value in just a few days. Her analytical skills, managing complexity while using valuable strategic frameworks, and visionary and creative thinking impressed me.
Julia Daubersthäuser
Director Strategy, Liganova The Brand Retail Group
I was infected by her ideas, structured work and personality. A clear analytical view, precision in implementation and fun to work with — it's what makes a great strategist and Désirée belongs to the best.
Christian Clawien
Head of Customer Communications, S-Bahn Hamburg
Désirée has been a crucial element in our brand strategy. Not enough business owners take a step back and think about their brand as carefully or thoroughly as Désirée has helped us to do.
Jeff Gibson
Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, Shanna Paxton Photography
Désirée's flexibility and positive energy were major success factors. She was always well prepared and we benefited greatly from her experience.
Signe Brüdt
Campaign & Global Partnerships Lead, Bayer
I highly recommend Désirée. Especially in overcoming complex challenges and developing strategic directions.She uses her strong analytical skills to achieve effective results.
Florian Hießl
VP, Global Head of Digital Internal Eco-System, Siemens
Thanks to Désirée’s support we significantly improved collaboration with our B2B partners in two key projects.
Matthias Seeger
Head of Product Management and Marketing, Geno Broker

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