A modern strategy consultancy helping brands navigate and connect in a fast-moving world.

déstudio is an explorative strategy space, creating value by helping you understand, adapt to and grow with new business realities.

We work with business leaders and their teams, founders and freelancers to

→ shift perspective, make sense of data and frame ambiguous challenges

→ unfold strategy through narratives and experiences

→ turn ideas into projects, or launch ventures and products

→ explore and shape new opportunities



Framing the problem, gaining insights and perspectives, and developing a strategic approach.

✳︎ Customer & Stakeholder Insighting
✳︎ Market & Trend research
✳︎ Vision, Purpose & Brand Development

✳︎ Brand Strategy
✳︎ Leadership Advisory

Unfold & Connect


Unfolding strategy, designing projects to test scenarios, engaging customers or employees, and adapting through key insights.

✳︎ Strategic Storytelling

✳︎ Brand Communication & Product Marketing

✳︎ Customer & Employee Experience

✳︎ Project Consulting

✳︎ Team Sparring

What’s next?


Making sense of trends or new business realities, and shaping future opportunities through strategic exploration, immersion and mapping.

✳︎ Trend Reports
✳︎ Opportunity Mapping
✳︎ Strategic Research
✳︎ Exploration Workshops

While technology may facilitate change, it's ultimately up to people to make it happen.

Our strategies consider the needs of all stakeholders involved, from the teams realizing them to the customers experiencing them. We believe that successful change requires inclusivity and mutual benefit for everyone. So, we’re committed to creating strategies that empower, engage, and have a positive impact on organizations and communities.

What others say

“I worked with Désirée for some time and was infected by her ideas, structured work and personality. A clear analytical view, precision in implementation and fun to work with — it’s what makes a great strategist and Désirée belongs to the upper level.

— Christian Clawien, Head of Customer Communications, S-Bahn Hamburg

“Désirée’s strength is understanding the requirements and needs of a project and its stakeholders in great detail. And to develop the right solutions with her team. She uses her strong analytical skills to achieve effective results. I highly recommend Désirée. Especially in overcoming complex challenges and developing strategic directions.”

Florian Hießl, VP, Global Head of Digital Internal Eco-System, Siemens

“Désirée has been a crucial element in our brand strategy, helping us to avoid doing everything just because, really thinking through what we want our company to represent, and how we want our company to communicate through social media, events, and branding.”

Jeff Gibson, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, Shanna Paxton Photography

“Thanks to Désirée’s support we significantly improved collaboration with our B2B partners in two key projects.”

Matthias Seeger, Head of Product Management and Marketing, Geno Broker

An independent strategy studio

We empower organizations and professionals to thrive through transitions and build a strategic advantage.

We are an independent studio led by Désirée Bambynek, a seasoned strategy leader and brand consultant, who has worked with the world’s top brands and agencies realizing forward-thinking brand, communications and business strategies.

🧬 Collaboration is part of who we are 

We work as a collective of keen creative minds to bring strategy to life in design, marketing, service, product and brand experiences. This means we can work with great flexibility, while also bringing in the right experts to provide specialized perspectives and effective results.

🌵 We are culture hybrids

Our work begins in Germany, but takes us across Europe and North America. Whether you’re looking to make an impact within your organization or across markets, we bring an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural perspective to everything we do.

We consult in English and German – and occasionally in French.

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