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A practical strategy studio dedicated to helping you lean into and leverage your brand strengths, and purposefully evolve with culture and customer.

How conversations start

“We’re second-guessing every move. Help us (re-) define who we are and what we stand for.”

“Help us better understand our customers, how they think, and how we might provide value.”

“Help us communicate our story, and engage our employees and customers in new ways.”

“We’re overwhelmed with everything we need to do but are also tight on resources. What should we focus on to achieve the greatest value?”

“We need to face new business realities. Help us evolve and move forward with purpose.”

“There’s constantly a new trend happening. How do we make sense of all the signals and identify what’s relevant to our business?”

What we do

We help business leaders and professionals, founders and freelancers

〰️ shift perspective and reframe ambiguous challenges

〰️ (re-) focus or energize their business or brand activities

〰️ lead and manage their brands with continued purpose

〰️ explore and experiment with new ideas

〰️ develop their capabilities

We have a ❤️ for internationals

Our work begins in Germany, but takes us across Europe and North America. Whether you’re looking to make an impact in Germany or across markets, we bring a interdisciplinary and multi-cultural perspective to everything we do.

How we do it

Identity & Strategy

What do we stand for?


Create or activate your vision, articulate your identity, write your story, and develop a strategy that is inspirational, actionable and amplifies brand strengths.

Communication & Experience

What do we want to say? What feelings do we want to foster?

Understand your customers, engage them through the right topics and storytelling, and connect your brand activities across all touchpoints to create experiences that leave a lasting impression.


What’s next?


Take a retrospect, make sense of trends, and explore and shape future opportunities through strategic and creative exploration.


How do we tackle this?


Guiding you through tricky issues or pivotal transitions, providing straight up answers to your work, business and leadership questions, or being your sounding board for new ideas.

What that might look like


Facilitation & Sparring


How we work

We work in a consulting-meets-coaching capacity to provide insightful, practical strategy and also help you develop the skills you need to move forward on your own. Principles that guide our work:

Simple and accessible over buzzwords and fancy jargon.

Focus on doing the right things, not everything.

Reflection and action co-exist — each has it’s time and place.

Strategy is a fluid process, not a static deck.

Strategy that reflects on the past and synthesizes the present, to make the future actionable.

What clients say

“I worked with Désirée for some time and was infected by her ideas, structured work and personality. A clear analytical view, precision in implementation and fun to work with — it’s what makes a great strategist and Désirée belongs to the upper level.

— Christian Clawien, Head of Customer Communications, S-Bahn Hamburg

“Désirée has been a crucial element in our brand strategy, helping us to avoid doing everything just because, really thinking through what we want our company to represent, and how we want our company to communicate through social media, events, and branding.”

Jeff Gibson, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, Shanna Paxton Photography

“Thanks to Désirée’s support we significantly improved collaboration with our B2B partners in two key projects.”

Matthias Seeger, Head of Product Management and Marketing, Geno Broker

“Désirée’s flexibility and positive energy were major success factors for the event. She was always well prepared and we benefited greatly from her experience.”

Signe Brüdt, Campaign & Global Partnerships Lead, Bayer

“Désirée’s strength is understanding the requirements and needs of a project and its stakeholders in great detail. And to develop the right solutions with her team. She uses her strong analytical skills to achieve effective results. I highly recommend Désirée. Especially in overcoming complex challenges and developing strategic directions.”

Florian Hießl, VP, Global Head of Digital Internal Eco-System, Siemens

We make strategy do-able

We are an independent practice dedicated to making strategy accessible, actionable, and part of your business practice. Strategy is led by Désirée Bambynek, a seasoned strategy leader and brand consultant who has worked with the world’s top brands and agencies.

We collaborate with keen creative minds to bring strategy to life in design, communication and brand experiences. This means we can work with great flexibility and cost-efficiency, while also bringing in the right specialized experts.

Hi, I'm Désirée

“I strongly believe that a successful strategy requires a combination of thorough analysis and empathetic understanding. Achieving success in business and team leadership relies heavily on honing these two critical components.

Through a collaborative approach that incorporates problem-solving strategies and mindset practice, I’ll empower you to realize your full potential and attain the outcomes you aspire to.”

Désirée Bambynek, Founder & Strategy Partner

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